Welcome to Wellness at Warp Speed!

Dr. Noah McKay, M.D. personally encountered the limitations of conventional medicine when he was hospitalized in acute heart failure at the age of thirty-three. He spent the next two decades exploring the converging disciplines of quantum physics, spirituality and alternative medicine. Drawn from twenty years of clinical practice and a wildly diverse array of life experiences, Wellness at Warp Speed challenges us all to rethink long-standing assumptions about the nature of disease and recovery. It offers a tantalizing introduction to the human body's innate capacity for high-speed healing and provides simple, effective strategies anyone can use to activate their own healing potential.

Praise for the Book

Dr. Noah takes you on a journey- to the horizons of health and wellness and the untapped resource that is you.

--Dr. Robert Gluck M.D.

I recommend Dr. Noah's book and healing principles myself and recommend it to all my patients.

--Dr. Vern Cherewatenko M.D.

The proverbial saying, "Physician Heal Thyself", is manifest in Dr. Noah McKay's life, as well as in his wonderfully written book.

--Dr. Thomas R. McDonnell M.D

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